About DeafKidz International

Our work is encompassed in four key themes. Our programmes, devised in partnership with our local partners, cross fertilise across these themes - making them unique, different and importantly - DeafKidz led!


We’re about ensuring that DeafKidz are able to self-determine and self advocate; accessing access support in the communication mode of choice - eg. sign language, sign supported aural method, aural method or other. Whatever it is – DeafKidz have a RIGHT to self express and self represent!

That in civil society and in their respective communities, DeafKidz have a right to live, learn and earn as they wish – free from violence, abuse and exploitation.

That DeafKidz have a right to be protected from physical, mental, sexual, violent abuse and neglect; accusations of ‘witchcraft’ or being possessed by spirits. That they have a right to protection.

That Professionals working with DeafKidz – in social care, health, criminal justice settings, emergency, development and relief contexts - understand the rights of D/deaf children and accord them appropriate access and protection.

Our work is rights based and we expect all our partners to be the same. If there is no local provision or understanding of child rights and child protection, then we will work with our extensive network of Child Rights & Child Protection specialists to support the development of a local approach and protocol.


We want DeafKidz to develop skills for work and to ensure sustainable employment and livelihood opportunities.

That DeafKidz who head up a family or who are caring for sick parents / siblings are able to work.

We want to support local D/deaf enterprise and entrepreneurship; to enable the development of self-confidence, self-esteem and self-determination – to empower DeafKidz to be who they want to to be!

Access to Appropriate Technology

We’re about standing convention on its head; cracking the impossible - enabling DeafKidz to access quality interpreter support through the use of pioneering video relay technologies in partnership with the global communications industry.

We want to empower DeafKidz and their families to make the best use of technology; to test, trial and adapt new approaches that deliver true inclusion.

To enable child rights, healthcare and criminal justice providers to utilise technologies so that DeafKidz exercise their right to access quality service provision.


We’re about making sure the global health and development community responds to the unique communication, cultural and linguistic needs of D/deaf children and young people.

That child health care including infant immunisation, emergency triage, HIV & AIDS services, sexual and reproductive health provision is accessible to DeafKidz.

We’re passionate that DeafKidz access quality ear and hearing care and we will work with ENT & audiological providers to ensure the best possible pathways of care.

We also want to address the challenge of mental health and D/deafness; we’ll work with leading mental health practitioners to ensure DeafKidz are able to access quality person centred support.

That in partnership with street children organisations, DeafKidz living on the street are afforded a route to safe havens.