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Our Partners

Our approach is based on partnership - working with, empowering and supporting local partners; both indigenous agencies or informal groups.

Chance for Childhood

This unique organisation works to support street children, children with disabilities, child-headed households, child soldiers, those traumatised by violence & conflict, and children born into trafficking and prostitution. An international charity founded in 1992 (originally under the name of ‘Jubilee Action’), Chance for Childhood merged with fellow UK charity Street Child Africa to maximise its impact and help more vulnerable children.

DeafKidz International is currently working with Chance for Childhood in Rwanda to develop a new access to justice programme titled ‘Right 2 Protection’. This work will enable D/deaf children and young people to live safely and without fear of stigma, discrimination and abuse. In addition, to empower D/deaf young people to disclose when abuse occurs and to access effective real time clinical, social welfare and Criminal Justice support in the communication mode of choice.

Department for International Development

The Department for International Development (DFID) is the United Kingdom government department responsible for administering overseas aid. The goal of the department is "to promote sustainable development and eliminate world poverty".

DFID's main programme areas of work are Education, Health, Social Services, Water Supply and Sanitation, Government and Civil Society, Economic Sector (including Infrastructure, Production Sectors and Developing Planning), Environment Protection, Research, and Humanitarian Assistance.

At DeafKidz International, we're working with DFID through the UK Aid Direct initiative to deliver a three year safeguarding and child protection programme in Gujrat District, Pakistan. Funded by DFID we're testing an Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) programme which trains local staff to use digital technologies to screen for D/deafness. Where D/deafness is suspected, the child concerned is place on an integrated pathway of care that ensures their safeguarding and protection.

Click here to read the Concept Note for our DFID funded project 'Signing Safe Futures Pakistan!'

Slum Soccer

Slum Soccer is a FIFA awarded charitable organisation that uses the power of football to bring about a change in the lives of underprivileged children and youth. Through various projects and specially designed curricula and activities, participants are mobilised and engaged towards learning and fitness.

Slum Soccer exists to foster sustainable development to provide long term solutions to combat rife homelessness, and to improve the living standards of people within underprivileged areas. The approach is to build self-sufficient communities. The game of football is the tool by which individuals are engaged, life skills taught and quality of life overall is improved.

A unique, 3 year life skills programme is being delivered by Slum Soccer and DeafKidz International for D/deaf children in Nagpur, India, funded for 3 years by Comic Relief. Through the platform of football coaching, the programme DeafKidz Goal! will train a cohort of D/deaf people to become coaches who will deliver life skills programmes to marginalised D/deaf children, delivered in their communication method of choice, empowering them to develop their educational potential. Subsequently a number of D/deaf children will attend a leadership training course to become champions and role models. The project will establish much needed referral pathways for D/deaf children in relation to child protection, ear and hearing care, accommodation, etc. in response to the assessed needs of the beneficiaries. The project will also foster the integration of D/deaf and hearing children to reduce the stigma / taboo that so often surrounds deafness.

Every1Mobile Ltd

Every1Mobile Ltd (E1M) is a mobile services and technology company which designs, builds and runs large digital social impact programmes across sub-Saharan Africa and other emerging markets. Established in 2010 and registered in the United Kingdom (UK) and South Africa, the company has 40 staff with offices in Brighton (UK), Nairobi (Kenya), Lagos (Nigeria), Washington, D.C.(USA) and Cape Town (South Africa).

E1M are experts in mobile-first, digital solutions that:

  • Design and build highly dynamic online communities of users, encouraging two-way engagement
  • Engage hard-to-reach population groups in low-connectivity areasTarget low-tech, low-data users through a range of channels
  • Build online communities that target specific audiences at scale (including men, women, and youth) with relevant information
  • Promote large scale ADVOCACY, and convert AWARENESS into ACTION
  • Encourage sharing of human stories in order to drive behaviour change
  • Encourage high levels of two-way engagement
  • Leverage human-centred design that speaks to diverse audiences in emerging and established markets, including hard-to-reach population groups
  • Measure engagement, action, and social impact

Over the last 18 months, through projects delivered via its technical platform, 5.3 million people have visited E1M sites, generating over 7.4 million engagements and actions. These people have also accessed 13.5 million learning opportunities and created 2.4 million conversations with peers and subject experts around education, financial literacy and business. For example, 45,000 young Nigerians have joined a movement advocating gender rights and ending gender violence.

Building upon this success and as the global innovator for digital inclusion, E1M is working with DeafKidz International to identify opportunities which enable D/deaf children and young people to access bespoke, digital, safeguarding, communication, health and educational content in sign language and sign supported spoken language. All of which is aimed at ensuring access to learning opportunities around rights, protection and education; building movements that foster attitudinal and systematic change which, in turn, reduces the susceptibility of D/deaf children and young people to risk and vulnerability.

British Council

The British Council works in over 100 countries promoting a wider knowledge of the United Kingdom and the English language; encouraging cultural, scientific, technological and educational co-operation with the United Kingdom.

In partnership with the British Council in Iraq, we are currently working to deliver a three year EC funded contract aimed at developing the technical and teaching skills of teachers of the Deaf in Iraq. Conducted in Iraq and Lebanon, this work sees DeafKidz International's expert advisers work to develop teacher training methodologies for both Primary and Secondary education in partnership with the Ministry of Health.

Through this unique and progressive partnership we're looking at teaching skills, planning, communication and classroom management. All areas that a successful teacher of the Deaf must master if they are to be effective.

Islamic Relief Worldwide

Inspired by Islam, Islamic Relief Worldwide envisages a caring world where communities are empowered, social obligations are fulfilled and people respond as one to the suffering of others. Through its mission, Islamic Relief works to mobilise resources, build partnerships, and develop local capacity, as the organisation works to;

  • Enable communities to mitigate the effect of disasters, prepare for their occurrence and respond by providing relief, protection and recovery.
  • Promote integrated development and environmental custodianship with a focus on sustainable livelihoods.
  • Support the marginalised and vulnerable to voice their needs and address root causes of poverty.

Islamic Relief Worldwide allocates these resources regardless of race, political affiliation, gender or belief, and without expecting anything in return.

DeafKidz International is working with Islamic Relief Worldwide to develop inclusive approaches to humanitarian response. To ensure D/deaf children and young people are included in the organisation’s expanse response and that no D/deaf child is left behind.

DeafKidz International is hugely proud of its global partnership with Islamic Relief Worldwide; a partnership that is setting the bar for D/deaf and hearing integration.

The Oak Foundation

The Geneva based Oak Foundation commits its resources to address issues of global, social and environmental concern, particularly those that have a major impact on the lives of the disadvantaged. Oak Foundation is a group of philanthropic organisations which, since its establishment in 1998, has given more than 2,400 grants to not-for-profit organisations around the world.

With a major interest in child protection, the Oak Foundation is working with DeafKidz International to develop a number of protection and safeguarding toolkits and to strengthen the organisational capacity of DeafKidz International for the long term. This is a substantial investment and one that sees the Foundation supporting the development of DeafKidz International’s governance, operating systems and human resource capabilities.

Save the Children UK

Save believes every child deserves a future. In the UK and around the world, Save gives children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. Save the Children does whatever it takes for children – every day and in times of crisis – transforming their lives and the future we share. Save and DeafKidz International are working to develop an integrated response to the protection, communication, health, ear and hearing care needs of D/deaf children and young people caught up in the current European refugee crisis. In Greece, Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, we’re jointly assessing need and determining a response pathway that is both D/deaf led and inclusive. Our findings will result in a toolkit for professionals working in humanitarian response; that they are able to support refugee and displaced D/deaf children as required and appropriate.

The Consortium for Street Children

The Consortium for Street Children (CSC) is a global network that exists to give street children a voice, promote their rights and improve their lives. The consortium does this through its focus on advocacy, research and development. DeafKidz International is working with the Consortium to ensure the needs of D/deaf children living on the street are encompassed in member organisation's programmes and activities; that the consortium's work is truly inclusive of D/deaf children and young people.


Based in Sweden, nWise are one of the world's leading providers of Video Relay technology through the use of its MMX® cloud platform. This platform allows for the delivery of communication and interpreting services between hearing and D/deaf people. MMX® has been designed to handle Total Conversation for communication and interpreting services, down to the last detail. It is the only system that is simultaneously able to handle video communication, real-time text and Captioned Telephone.

Developed with the Sign Language Interpreter in mind, MMX® contains all the features needed for mediation and interpreting services. It puts the interpreter centre stage and is able to handle hundreds of work-places in a single system.

DeafKidz International has appointed nWise its Video Relay partner of choice and is delighted to be working with the team in both South Africa and Cambodia.

The Midland International Aid Trust

The Midland International Aid Trust (MIAT) was founded in 2005 by Mr. Mohammed Aslam MBE who invited Professor Abdul Rashid Gatrad OBE DL to become a Patron. Today, both Mr. Aslam and Professor Gatrad work across a number of health and humanitarian disciplines to respond to the needs of the most destitute and vulnerable. From cleft lip operations in Pakistan, to cardiac surgery in South Africa, flood relief in India to camp supplies for refugees in Syria, the range of MIAT's work is both expanse and second to none.

MIAT is working with DeafKidz International to develop a model of ear & hearing care for low resource settings in Pakistan. MIAT funded the initial DeafKidz International assessment to Gurjat Province and it has been instrumental in facilitating subsequent access for both DeafKidz International and its technical partner, the Netherlands based, Royal Dutch Kentalis.

Childline South Africa

Established in 1986, Childline South Africa is a non-profit organisation that works through its KwaZulu-Natal head office and a number of provincial offices to deliver social service support to children who have been victims of violence and abuse. In addition, this progressive agency works to deliver education and awareness activities which seek to prevent the prosecution of violence against children; it fosters strategic alliances with the aim of advocating for policy changes that will facilitate good management practices for abused children and also undertakes research into violence against children within the South African context.

Childline South Africa's trained staff also deliver training on law and policy relating to children and its application, whilst working with officials within the South African Criminal Justice System and Supports children who act as a witnesses in abuse cases / trials.

Deafkidz International is delighted to be working with Childline South Africa on an all new initiative which seeks to respond to the needs of D/deaf children and young people who have experienced, or are victims of, abuse in all its forms - physical, emotional, sexual and neglect. The initiative titled 'Signing Safe Futures' will also empower and enable officials within the South African criminal justice system to better respond to the needs of children who report abuse.

Jamaica Association for the Deaf (JAD)

The Jamaica Association for the Deaf (JAD) was founded in 1938 and is the oldest voluntary agency of its kind in the Caribbean. It works with key partners to advance the needs of Deaf, hard of hearing, deafened and DeafBlind (D/deaf) adults, children and their families.

Central to the JAD's work is its drive to ensure full access to literacy and communication support for all D/deaf people. Accordingly, it provide a range of service activities including Special Education and Vocational Training; Social support services for D/deaf persons and their families; Hearing assessment, enhancement and conservation services; Public Education and Community development activities.

The JAD also supports D/deaf children in seven schools / educational units,many of whom have complex disabilities, in addition to their D/deafness, and are living with HIV/AIDS.

Attitudes to D/deafness in Jamaica are negative and heavily stereotyped. To address this challenge, the JAD seeks to empower D/deaf people through rights based advocacy and assertion work.

Building upon the success of JAD's advocacy work to date, DeafKidz International is working with JAD to address the current susceptibility of D/deaf children to abuse. Funded by Comic Relief, this ground-breaking initiative is delivered through DeafKidz International's Rights theme and will see both partners work to develop robust Child Rights and Child Protection capacities through the medium of sport.

Comic Relief

Our partner Comic Relief needs no introduction to visitors of this website. A leading fundraiser, its Red Nose Day and Sport Relief events are world reknowned. Through its International Grants Programme Comic Relief makes a difference to many. Quirky, irreverent, Comic Relief is prepared to tackle the issues others won't touch. Suffice to say, we are delighted to have Comic Relief supporting both our Advancing DeafKidz Jamaica! programme and our Signing Safe Futures South Africa initiative. Here, for once, is a partner prepared to respond to the needs of D/deaf children, young people and their families.


TackleAfrica uses the power and popularity of football to deliver HIV education to young people on football pitches across the continent. Specifically, they train African coaches to use fun, interactive football drills with the young people in their clubs and communities. They do this because many young people in Africa love football, but their location and their age means they’re most at risk of contracting HIV.

DeafKidz International loves football too, which is why we’re working with TackleAfrica to develop football drills that are accessible to D/deaf children and young people. Each drill contains a sexual health message about HIV that unfolds as they play. These inclusive drills, fully interpreted in the local sign language of choice, are designed so that young D/deaf people learn through play, in a way they enjoy, remember and understand. Through the messages in these drills, we educate and challenge young D/deaf players to make safer decisions, limiting the impact of HIV in their families and communities.

Deaf Zimbabwe Trust

The Deaf Zimbabwe Trust was founded in 2012. It has been instrumental in advocacy and research work, as well as direct service provision to the D/deaf community, since 2013. It has progressed a number of health initiatives with young women and girls including screening for cervical cancer. This has developed the trust and confidence within the D/deaf community, such that a very successful HIV/AIDS and sexual and reproductive health project was undertaken. With its proven academic partnership with the University of Zimbabwe, the Deaf Zimbabwe Trust is able to evidence both need and impact. The Trust's research publications on the use of sign language in Zimbabwe and its baseline study on access to information for D/deaf people in Zimbabwe, set the bar for others to follow. All of which makes the organisation an ideal partner for DeafKidz International whose approach is evidence led.

To this end, DeafKidz International and the Deaf Zimbabwe Trust are collaborating on an integrated programme of development activity which features a number of rights, health and livelihoods initiatives.

Police Link Officer for the Deaf (PLOD)

The highly innovative and successful UK Police Link Officer for the Deaf (PLOD) scheme has seen UK Police Officers voluntarily equip themselves in British Sign Language and other communication skills, so that they are able to respond to the policing and criminal justice needs of the D/deaf community. They also work to promote understanding of D/deaf culture and D/deaf issues within the Police and other criminal justice agencies. PLOD use their skills in providing a service for any non-emergency situation when communication support is required as a point of contact. This could include providing assistance at a front enquiry desk at a local policing unit (LPU) or offering communication support and advice at a scene of crime.

Building upon the success of the PLOD in the UK, DeafKidz International is working in partnership with the scheme to develop accessible criminal justice capabilities in Jamaica, South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe. This sees Officers working in-country with DeafKidz International staff at both operational policing and strategic ministerial level. This progressive partnership has a particular focus on child rights and child protection; ensuring that D/deaf children who are abused, access the criminal justice support they require.

Child Helpline International

We're working with the Netherlands based Child Helpline International to look at how global child helpline provision can be made accessible to D/deaf children and young people. How counselling support to those at risk or needing support can be delivered in the communication mode of choice. This sees us looking at global child helpline doctrine, methodologies, systems and approaches so that inclusion can be assured. In addition, how state of the art technology can be used to afford access. In partnership with a number of Child Helpline International members - in particular South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya - we're trialling some approaches that, once proven, will be cascaded globally across the Child Helpline International network.

This is a long term partnership and one that will see us work, over the coming years, to build Helpline capacities that truly engage and respond to the needs of D/deaf children and young people.

Oxfam GB

Oxfam GB is a member of the international confederation of 19 organisations working together with partners and local communities in more than 90 countries.

One person in three in the world lives in poverty. Oxfam is determined to change that world by mobilizing the power of people against poverty.

Around the globe, Oxfam works to find practical, innovative ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty and thrive. To this end, Oxfam saves lives and helps rebuild livelihoods when crisis strikes. In addition, Oxfam campaigns so that the voices of the poor influence the local and global decisions that affect them.

At DeafKidz International we're working with Oxfam GB as one of their contracted implementing partners on the DFID IMDP programme. Utilising our proven expertise to ensure vital humanitarian, social development and livelihoods programming is accessible to D/deaf people in the most challenging of settings. Together we're working to address poverty and all its root causes.

Family Educational Services Foundation

The FESF is a non-profit educational organization that was established in Pakistan in 1984. Progressive and highly innovative, FESF works to respond to the educational needs of the most disenfranchised and neglected members of civil society.

FESF has originated and developed a number of educational training programmes such as the Deaf Reach Programme, Eduserve Programme, Motivated Volunteer Empowerment Programme (MOVE), Junior MOVE Programme (JUMP), THRIVE Courses and CONNECT Workshops. You can find more information about these projects on FESF's website.

DeafKidz International is currently working with the FESF in Jhelum as part of the DFID funded ‘Signing Safe Futures Pakistan!’ initiative. Here, with FESF’s support, we are testing a pathway of ear and hearing care for D/deaf children and young people. One that starts with newborn hearing screening, leads through to audiological care, speech & language development, specific work on communication, sign language skills and more. This is an exciting partnership which should see the cascade of the evidenced pathway across Pakistan as part of each Provincial Government’s early years safeguarding provision.


ChildHope is an international children's charity supporting street and working children. Working with local partners in Africa, Asia and South America, ChildHope listens to children living on the street and actively involves them in finding solutions to transform their futures. Many are at risk of abuse - ChildHope works to create long-lasting changefrom the children themselves. DeafKidz International is working with ChildHope to help strategise a long term approach to inclusion. To ensure D/deaf and disabled children are able to have their voices heard, access services and thereby self-determine and self-fulfil.

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